“Challenge yourself,” company President Tim Shields urged of his team at the Shields Asphalt Paving Annual Employee Safety meeting.

Calling on his entire team to reflect on career and personal growth, Shields then turned the podium to keynote speaker David Moore.
Moore, a U.S. Navy and Air Force decorated aviator and officer, spoke about his experiences which include surviving two plane crashes and flying through three hurricanes while performing search and rescue missions with the Coast Guard.

Moore has logged in 39 combat missions in the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

“I want to be someone people are willing to stand behind,” Moore told the group.

The Safety Meeting, held at the Northern Tier Regional Library, also included status updates on the company health care, insurance and workman’s compensation.

“Let’s have a good year; let’s have a safe year,” Tim Shields told the team. “Take pride in what you do because all of you do a great job.”